Bluebots is a venture set up by the founders of VanPaz. Their focus is robotics with a social impact, and the data science that is behind this. At this moment, Bluebots is set up in close cooperation with SensePlatypus LLC, Pittsburgh PA, who design the Platypus autonomous boats.

Jan Geert van Hall  – Managing Director. Jan Geert has a background in finance as Group Controller and CFO. This does not mean that he is not technically savvy; he closely follows technical developments in the field of robotics, sensors and AI, and privately fires up his soldering iron and scope to get some electronics projects done. He is partner in VanPaz.

Giovanni Pazienza – R&D Director. Giovanni is a top-notch scientist holding a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and had a scientific career that saw him holding several academic positions in 6 countries. He is passionate about bringing cutting edge technology into real-life products that the market really needs. He is partner in VanPaz.

Shawn Hanna – Field Operations. Holding a Master’s degree in robotics from Carnegie Melon University Pittsburgh, Shawn is the boffin who keeps the Technology running and processes the data into something that is awesome for our customers. He does not really mind to get his feet wet either, so operating the Platypus boats in the field is what he does regularly.