Bluebots presents to 9 waterschappen

In cooperation with Aquon, the common water sampling & analysis company of 9 dutch waterboards, we held a workshop kindly hosted by Stichtse Rijnlanden in Houten, where all boards were invited to get up to speed with the Platypus. Aquon is very keen to show their commitment to innovation on the one hand, and from […]

BlueBots tests new NO3 sensor

After having done several runs for Hoogheemraadschap Delfland with the usual array of DO, EC, Ph and temp sensors we agreed to have a test with a dedicated nitrogen sensor. Normally, we would infer nitrogen values based on the combination of EC and DO, but in this case we knew that in certain cases water […]

Platypus on Dutch local TV

During the execution of one of our runs for the Delfland waterboard, we were visited by the local television station and Rob Hoefnagel from Delfland, giving an interview about the advantages of the Platypus boats, and innovation in Delfland in general.